Everything started in Stockholm and a birthday party for Marcus Thambert and his best friend Christoffer.

All the guests were challanged to join Marcus & Christoffer in a strange race, using rickshaws, in the southern part of India. A completely cracy idea, but Erik and Pelle decided to meet the challange and applied for the race within a few days. We are the only team from Gothenburg, Marcus, Christoffer and three other Stockholm teams makes it up to at least five teams from Sweden. What we know today, March 22, will there be around 25 teams participating, from where will we find out within a few weeks.

We, i.e. Erik & Pelle, will start our trip on March 27, and will spend three days in Mumbai before we fly down to Trivandrum, on the south tip of India, where the race will start.

We hope to have some time to write a daily blog, upload some interesting photos and videos giving you all an impression of this fantastic adventure.

Please use our homepage, under the Contact flap, giving us all the support you can. You can be sure your support will be appreciated.

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